Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Plagues of Humanity

The coloured yonder, blots from afar a wail,
A visage of marvel, spotted out dark,
Leading a road to the parts which pale,
Nestling beneath foliage, the infant, hurting and stark,
Dancing around the nest, in blissful ignorant glee,
Creatures hideous, shaming unabashedly, even the ugly,
Playing a dirge, for even the birds, animals, life to flee,
Pricking the innocent, bleeding it snugly.

A creature close, bites upon the nape, gnarls, 
Off with the child, in pursuit the others,
Into an edifice, adorns it, crosses and stars enthrals
From Zion, drop indulgent, faith induced feathers
Permanence of which, unbeknownst to it, imbibes the child,
By providence, its birth, to the cross, star, moon or sun,
The infinite sands, each grain upon, echoes no in mild,
Deities, snatching from the abstract, from which none run.

The nape, another creature, inherits now to bleed,
From the crosses, sprouts the anteroom, inscribed paper,
Fables for posterity, mythical rules into, they feed,
Who is a king, cyclical lives profound, who the leper.
To the innocent, stories, supposed values, ingrained
Each paper, a brick to the edifice, bolstering the height,
The mind, a prison, each fable the bars framed,
A library, the members, foundations for the upheaving might.

The nape, another creature, accepts now to bleed,
 Excerpts of the texts, read between the lines,
To perform acts, to endear with water or reed,
In absentia, the fears of condemned, upon, the ritual dines,
Words with meaning, now archaic, followed unknown,
Once told for sanity, now told to the blind, 
Stagnant, incorrigible, in spite of the times flown,
Commanding obedience, boundaries for the mind.

The nape, another creature, leads not to bleed,
Practices of the yore, descending from the kings, 
Elevation of the sophisticated, plebeians wherein to weed,
Marks of humans, violation of other kingdoms, their links.
Once done, twice repeated, forever they live,
To the innocent, taught it a rule, for it to break
Others of innocence, a cardinal sin they give,
The spirit, once shone, succumbed now, to the fake.

The nape, another creature, passed now to bleed,
The graveyard, etched upon stones, humanity,
Its deeds, misdeeds, highs and conquering its need,
Mistakes for victors, richness of learning, for others, vanity,
Within wailing, is it taught, the tales of heroes, 
Villains, martyrs and empires, all human, 
A glorified past, vast lands torn, endless rows,
Cares it not, to create its history, will be done.

The nape, another creature, pulls now to bleed,
A cellar, brimming with gems, bones and gold,
Though menacing, the creature, its efforts bewilder greed,
Knows not the child, the treasures which unfold,
Relentless, the creature, plagues the innocence till grown,
The glitters of the Earth, familiar now, a little less
Shine and allure, the want of which leaves forlorn,
Innocence into desire, for its life, it to digress.

The wailing worse, darkening the bright day,
Splattered blood, upon it, the creatures cherish,
Vapours red, calling upon more, to the innocence fray,
Clinging onto it, infecting the world, the relish.
The creatures, the plagues, brazen and bold,
Never to be expunged, else the innocent flourish,
Knowing of religion, texts, past and gold,
Nonetheless, not enraptured the creatures, its wish.

   - Victor Van Volkner

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